Uma Rai Bangalore

Hello my dear friends, I am Uma Rai here. I am working as a professional fashion model girl for one of the leading advertisement agency in Bangalore. I have started my career few months back and now I became popular among the whole fashion models of the industry. You may have heard about Vani Dutt and Nagrani. Both are working for the same advertisement agency in Bangalore. We all are working for our individual targets.

Have you heard about Leshmi Bangalore? She is a fresh and professional fashion model girl in Bangalore city. I am following her kind of professionalism and ethics to make sure that I will also go to that level. You can see most of her details within https://leshmi.com she has given a clear experience about her career. Thank you Leshmi Bangalore for your description. That helping us a lot.

I am thanking my clients because I am getting lots of offers from different cloth manufacturing companies to work for their brand promotion. I promise you that I will try my level maximum to make every project one of the best. The next project is planned by Mia Sen Bangalore. And I am very happy to work with her as the best female director. I am sure this project will be a great experience for my career. Thank you all for the support.
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